Edmond Harty


Dr. Edmond Harty is the Technical Director of Kerry-based Dairymaster, a world leader in the development and manufacture of dairy farm equipment. Headquartered in Causeway, County Kerry, the company also has operations in the UK and the US, and exports to customers in over 40 countries worldwide including the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Iran.

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Edmond joined the family business in 1998, whilst studying for a PhD in UCD where he focused on the area of milking performance. This focus on in-house R&D, manufacturing and the application of advancements in engineering technology has remained core to the business’ international success, and has enabled the company to be at the cutting-edge of product innovation while retaining jobs locally – a factor that is very important to Harty. Dairymaster employs 270 people internationally, 245 of whom are based in Ireland.

Dairymaster’s innovative product range encompasses five key areas: Milking Equipment; Automated Feeding Systems; Hydraulic Manure Scrapers; Cow Fertility Monitors; and Milk Cooling Tanks.

By milking each cow an average of one minute faster than the competition, Dairymaster’s state-of-the-art milking equipment delivers 5% more yield in scientific trials. In turn, this superior milk-out, natural milking and a focus on automation allows the dairy farmer to make smarter management decisions.

Connection to The Cloud allows remote monitoring of the farm which ensures the correct allocation of energy and minerals within the animal’s feed which subsequently results in fewer health issues for the dairy herd and improved milk yields.