Stephen Vernon

Green Property

Stephen is the chairman of all the companies trading as Green Property and has held this role since 2002. Before then, he held the position of managing director of Green Property Plc from 1993 to 2002.  Under Stephen’s stewardship, Green Property Plc’s market capitalisation grew from approximately €9million in March 1993 to approximately €1billion in 2002 when Stephen led a leveraged buyout of the company in a transaction worth approximately €1.85 billion.  The subsequent partial deconstruction of the portfolio and exit of the equity partners (banks) led to the Company having no external shareholders by 2007.

The arrival of Pat Gunne in 2008 heralded a partnership which led to the successful bank work-out business, 2010 – 2015, and subsequently the REIT.

Stephen is a director of Green REIT plc, the first REIT established in Ireland in mid-2013. Green REIT has a market cap of close to €1 billion and owns in excess of €1.2 billion of commercial real estate in Ireland, with an annual rent roll of €65 million. The company is currently developing new office buildings at three locations in Dublin and is close to completing two new industrial units at Dublin Airport.

Year: 2016
Category: Industry
Sector: Construction