Sean O’Sullivan


Engineer turned venture capitalist Sean O’Sullivan is an inventor noted for contributions to several of the innovations that billions of people on the planet use in their daily lives. He now helps launch over 100 companies per year in his role as MD of global venture capital operation SOSV.

Sean’s first company, MapInfo, brought street mapping to personal computers and grew to be a public company with $200 million in sales.  At his second technology startup, NetCentric, he is recognised for co-coining the term “cloud computing”. As an investor, he provided early stage funding to Harmonix (creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band), and dozens of other companies that have gone on to become public companies or divisions of multinational firms. SOSV now runs world-leading accelerators in the hardware and robotics area (HAX, based in Shenzhen, China); synthetic biology and biodesign (IndieBio, Cork and San Francisco); disruptive food (Food-X, New York); software for the China and Southeast Asian markets (Chinaccelerator, Shanghai); and others.

SOSV employs 46 staff and invests $50m each year across their portfolio of, currently, 320 companies. In Ireland alone, 200 people are employed in over 30 companies where SOSV is the lead investor.

Year: 2015
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