Sam Dennigan

Strong Roots

Sam Dennigan is the founder and CEO of Strong Roots, an Irish and British start-up that specialises in producing healthy and affordable frozen vegetable products.

Sam established the company in 2015 after realising that the modern consumers’ needs weren’t being met by frozen-food suppliers.

“I realised that younger consumers were more adventurous in their tastes, but they weren’t being catered for in the frozen food aisle. There weren’t many options for them, and recent frozen food-safety scandals in the UK and Ireland had pushed them away even more.”

“I set up Strong Roots to provide new and healthy options for these customers – to bring them back to the frozen food aisle and show that frozen can be as good as fresh”

Strong Roots is available across Ireland, and is expanding across the UK. The company currently employs fourteen full-time staff, with further expansion expected in 2017.

Year: 2017
Category: Emerging
Sector: Food & Drink


Address: The Euclidean Space, 21 Halston Street Dublin 7

Twitter: @StrongRootsIRL