Peter Keeling


Peter Keeling recognised early on that precision medicine would become the predominant model for drug development and patient care. In order to help revolutionise and refocus the pharmaceutical industry model beyond the pill, he founded Diaceutics in 2005. The organisation enables pharmaceutical companies to more effectively commercialise and leverage diagnostic testing and data to identify patients who need specific drugs, thus improving patient outcomes. When Peter presented his vision to 50 people at a conference in Miami 13 years ago, only seven people were left in the room by the end. However, two pharma companies liked what they heard.

Since then, Diaceutics has grown significantly with 60% annual growth year-on-year for the last three years, and currently works with 31 out of the top 35 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Furthermore, it has given more than half a million patients the best possible chance of getting better by ensuring they are tested correctly and receiving the right, potentially life-saving, medication at the right time. With Peter, who has over 30 years of healthcare experience, at the helm, Diaceutics has worked on more than 300 diagnostic test projects to date and has become a global leader in the personalised medicine field.

Year: 2018
Category: International
Sector: Life Sciences


Address: Louth

Twitter: @Diaceutics