Patrick McAliskey


Patrick is an experienced CEO who founded Novosco and has been leading the company for over 20 years delivering significant organic growth, in addition to strategic acquisitions, throughout that time.

He plays an active part in the commercial, leadership, PR, and talent management areas of the business in the UK and Ireland.

Novosco is a managed cloud provider with clients across the UK and Ireland: including two Premier League football teams; some of the largest NHS health trusts in the UK; the major universities on the island of Ireland; and some of the most prestigious private sector businesses on these islands. It has expanded significantly in recent years and now employs 150 people, mostly on the island of Ireland.

Patrick is also a shareholder and non-executive director of fast-growing companies Around Noon and Ampliphae. An electronics technician by background, Patrick spent a period working for the RAF before returning to Northern Ireland to found Novosco.

Outside of work Patrick is an avid marathon runner and enjoys escaping to a newly acquired Polytunnel. He is also involved in developing under age teams: in swimming; Gaelic football; and rugby and is reinventing physical education in primary schools through the Healthy Kidz program.

Year: 2017
Category: Industry
Sector: ICT


Address: Concourse Building 3, Queens Road, Belfast

Twitter: @novosco