Kieran O’Keeffe


Kieran began his career with Barclays Bank in their Management Development Programme for Computer Programmers. Followed by engineering roles for Save & Prosper, Lufthansa (Germany) and Deutsche Bahn (Germany). He began his entrepreneurial career in 1998 by co-founding an internet software development company with offices in Germany, the UK and India. This evolved into MobileWebAdz inĀ 2002

Kieran is very proud of:

1) Spotting the potential of the mobile internet (and off-shore development before that) well in advance of consumer adoption. Then building a truly global, high-growth (Sunday Times Tech Track Top 6 for 3 years in a row), highly profitable tech business from a European base.

2) Using “traditional” business principles i.e. generating profits to fund investment in growth, rather than VC, and consequently keeping 100% of the equity in the hands of management, and

3) Creating a company that has a clear path to become one of Europe’s big tech success stories.

All in the face of deep-pocketed Silicon Valley competition from start-ups to established players such as Google, Apple and Facebook. This competition has forced Kieran to make difficult and prescient decisions such as investing emerging technologies and emerging regions and right-sizing the business on two occasions.

Year: 2016
Category: International
Sector: Technology