Kevin O’Loughlin


Kevin O’Loughlin is a driven entrepreneur who has built and sustained Nostra over the last 10 years. Positive thinking, exercise and belief are a huge part of his working life.

Founded in late 2006, Nostra provides full IT support and maintenance to a broad spectrum of organisations across a variety of industries and sectors. Nostra combines the latest technologies with an emphasis on efficient customer service to provide clients with the most cost-effective IT solutions for their business. To date Nostra has partnered with some of the biggest household names in technology; including Microsoft, HP, Apple, Fujitsu and DELL.

Kevin loves fast cars and is a real ‘techie’. He dropped out of Computer Science in DCU as he did not want to spend his days with computers but realised he had more interest in business and spending time with people.

Kevin is a big believer in people, developing people, investing in them and giving them the benefit of the doubt. He has built Nostra to be a business based on great people who create a great culture of mutual support and hard work.

Year: 2017
Category: International
Sector: ICT


Address: Millbank Business Park, 3B, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Twitter: @Nostra_Tech