Jim Wright

JMW Farms

Jim Wright, 45, is a pig producer, feed miller, renewable energy producer, currently running a company with an annual turnover circa £40 million. JMW FARMS is a progressive group of companies employing 145 persons (as well as providing self-employment opportunities for 50 outside contract growers and associated supply chain), concentrating on Pig Production within Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and mainland UK.

My brother Mark and I have been producing pigs and feed from 1986. Since 2012, we have also been producing renewable energy with our own anaerobic digestion CHP plant at Tonnagh.

I started off at 14 years old on our family farm in old existing barns and cattle sheds. My brother Mark left school a few years later and joined me in the business. We went out to buy other run down pig farms which we rebuilt, restocked and trained new people in. We then built a modern feed mill and an Anaerobic Digestion plant to power the mill. We developed our own haulage fleet and logistics programme which deals with all pig movements to farms and factory, all feed raw materials to our mill and milled feed to our breeding and fattening farms.

Year: 2016
Category: Industry
Sector: Agriculture