Jim Burke


Jim joined the family transport business in 1976 after a number of roles in his early career. During this time he was engaged in all aspects of the business, from school transport, private hire, and extended tours.

Jim’s passion centred on the operation of scheduled services, he felt at the time there was tremendous potential in this field. In his view the market offering in the West of Ireland was underdeveloped and lacking focus.

In 1994 he left the family business to set up his own very successful coach company, before selling up to a multinational company in 2002. While Jim was adjusting to early retirement the construction of the M6 motorway was being completed. This peeked his interest with the opportunity to possibly offering the travelling public shorter journey times, via a new non-stop public transport service connecting East and West, GoBus.ie was born.

Jim is extremely proud of the team at GoBus.ie and what they have achieved together over the last number of years, the desire to achieve the best without necessarily being the biggest.

Along with his wife Margaret, Jim enjoys travelling and experiencing new places, knowing that with his son’s involvement in the business it is in safe hands.

Year: 2017
Category: Industry
Sector: Travel/Leisure


Address: 1 Forster Ct, Galway

Twitter: @GoBusGalway