James Leckey


Born in Belfast, I wasn’t academic but I made many friendships which remain today and continuously assist our company development. I left at 16 wanting to pursue a career in anything that smelt of oil or petrol. Since the age of 8 I had a passion for rebuilding motorbikes that wouldn’t work and bringing them back to life. I enjoyed an engineering apprenticeship in James Mackie’s in Belfast, moving from the workbench to the drawing office in two years, where I found I loved developing products. I left Mackie’s at the age of 23 and took over my father’s florist business in Belfast city centre. Having developed some products for Interflora I had a well-equipped workshop at my parent’s home. Here, I decided to run a marathon and jump out of a plane for kids with special needs.

I am passionate about what we do, our culture and the people I work with. I attended the L4G program in Lausanne in 2015 and am a Fellow of the College of Occupational Therapists.

Leckey designs and manufactures equipment for children with special needs with a view to improving the quality of life and social inclusion for them and their families worldwide.


Year: 2016
Category: Industry
Sector: Manufacturing