Jack Teeling

Teeling Whiskey

Jack Teeling is the Founder and Managing Director of the Teeling Whiskey Company. Jack is married to Katharine and lives in Clontarf on the Northside of the City with their three daughters, Alison (7), Natalie (5) and Rebecca (3). The three pot stills in the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery are named after Jacks three daughters.

Jack was educated at St. Pauls College, Raheny before studying Commerce and MBS in Finance in UCD. He initially started work in the Financial Sector before joining Cooley Distillery plc in 2001 during which time he completed a part time MBS in International Business in Trinity College Dublin. Over a 10 year period Jack worked his way up to become the Managing Director in 2010 and lead the organisation until it was acquired by Beam Inc in 2012.

After this transaction Jack took the opportunity to branch out on his own with a mission to revive their old family trademark “Teeling Whiskey” and embark on a mission to revive distilling in the City of Dublin.

Year: 2017
Category: Emerging
Sector: Other


Address: 13-17 Newmarket, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8

Twitter: @TeelingWhiskey