Jack Dobson


Jack Dobson is founder and co-owner of Dunbia with his brother Jim. Dunbia is a multinational red meat company based in Co. Tyrone.

Jack’s father Fred was a cattle dealer and when he left school at 15, he joined his father buying and selling cattle around Ireland.  From a young age Jack had a keen eye for quality and has gained a good reputation amongst the farming community.

His entrepreneurial spirit started when he passed his driving test and bought a lorry and trailer for transporting his very own livestock.

In 1976 Jack, Fred and Jim opened a small butcher shop, Dungannon Meats, in a small village Moygashel boning 10 cattle per week.  The business rebranded Dunbia, has grown organically and now processes 350,000 cattle, 1.8 million lambs and 700,000 pigs per year.  In 2014 the turnover was €1.15bn and the company now employs 4000 staff.

Jack’s philosophy is that there is value and a market for every part of an animal.  Jack has been instrumental in establishing export markets for animal hides and skins and fifth quarter products which are now exported to Europe and Asia.

Jack has been married to Grace for 40 years and has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He enjoys travelling and cycling with a local club which he founded.

Year: 2015
Category: Industry
Sector: Agriculture


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