Eoin Leonard

i3PT Certification

Eoin Leonard is the CEO of i3PT Certification, a company which he founded almost seven years ago. Eoin is a proud husband to Avril and a father to two great kids, Faye (7) and Cameron (3). He is originally from West Cork and lives in Cork City, although these days much of the working week is spent between Dublin and London.

Eoin was raised around the construction industry, where his father (Mick) ran his own firm for many years. Eoin has spent the majority of his career in the construction sector. He holds a number of technical qualifications in design and project management, as well as an MBA from UCC. While at UCC, Eoin was also a co-founder of the MBA Charitable Trust. Eoin is hugely passionate about improving the culture of quality and compliance in construction, which is what i3PT was set up to achieve. He believes strongly that buildings can be made safer and higher performing. Through independent oversight and technological innovation i3PT have made great strides in developing processes and software solutions which greatly reduce risk on major construction projects. The firm operates a high performance programme which invests heavily in the wellbeing and mindset of the i3PT team.

Today, the company works with some of the largest companies in the world delivering landmark buildings and facilities to the highest possible standards.

Year: 2018
Category: Emerging
Sector: Construction


Address: Cork

Twitter: @i3PTCert