Elaine Sullivan

Carrick Therapeutics

Throughout more than 20 years working in the international pharmaceutical industry at a senior level, Elaine Sullivan has been driven to bring new treatments to cancer patients by her father’s experience of receiving a revolutionary treatment for stomach cancer. Having held VP roles in Eli Lilly and Astra Zeneca, Elaine set up Carrick Therapeutics in 2016 with the aim of bringing together leading research institutes and hospitals to drive ground-breaking cancer therapies targeting molecular pathways into the clinic.

From Carrick’s headquarters in Dublin, Elaine secured a market-leading $95million initial fundraise for the company which enabled the team to hit the ground running on their collaborative vision for drug development. Alongside Carrick, Elaine is also a non-executive director of the IP Group plc and a member of the supervisory board of Evotec AG.

Elaine has degrees in molecular biology from Glasgow University and a Phd in Molecular Biology from Edinburgh University with Sir Ken Murray FRS, founder of Biogen Idec, who first sparked her passion for Biotech.

Her mother’s Donegal heritage means a great deal to Elaine and she still has the land in Mount Charles, where her mother was brought up. Elaine has three children, and she and her husband have lived in the US, UK and Ireland.


Dr. Elaine Sullivan of Carrick Therapeutics

Maintaining a high quality of life for cancer patients is at the core of everything that Dr. Elaine Sullivan of Carrick Therapeutics does. EOY sponsored by: Julius Baer – Invest Northern Ireland – Enterprise Ireland

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