Dominic Fitzpatrick

The Irish News

After graduating from Ulster University with a degree in business, Dominic spent a year in the Liverpool Echo before joining the Irish News.

Since taking up the post of Managing Director, the business has developed into one of the most successful regional newspapers in the UK and Ireland, retaining its family owned independent status and ethos.

Under Dominic’s leadership the company has expanded into affiliated areas of media, including newspaper printing with Interpress (NI) Ltd, Farmweek Ltd and commercial radio with the Q radio network.

Dominic is married to Fiona and they live in Belfast with their four children, Ellen 21, Nina 17, Joe 16 and Ray 11. He is a board member and active supporter of the charity Children in Crossfire.

Dominic likes travel, spending time with his family and is an enthusiastic golfer.

Year: 2018
Category: Industry
Sector: Media & Entertainment


Address: Antrim

Twitter: @irish_news