Darragh Cullen

Edge Innovate

Darragh Cullen is a father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend and partner. He was born and brought up in the small village of Edendork, Co Tyrone, in Northern Ireland and still lives there. Having attended school locally he graduated with a BA and MSc from Queen’s University Belfast. He worked in Engineering throughout his college days and soon after graduating he, along with his partners saw an opportunity to start a business. Since then he has been managing and leading a successful and innovative organisation.

He spends a lot of time travelling the world to meet customers but is always excited to return home to his roots. Heavily involved with his local sporting and community organisation he spends a lot of his time fundraising and helping to improve his club’s contribution to the lives of its people.

Acutely aware that time is one thing that we cannot gain more of, Darragh tries to make the most of it, principally with his family and whether that be work, rest or play. He is also aware that he is or never will be ‘the finished article’ but is committed to the constant journey to business and self- improvement and sees innovation as central to both.

Year: 2017
Category: International
Sector: Manufacturing


Address: 30 Farlough Rd, Dungannon

Twitter: @EdgeInnovate