Brian Thornes

X-Bolt Orthopaedics

Founder and CEO of X-Bolt Orthopaedics, Brian Thornes, is a medical graduate of Trinity College Dublin, and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. With 17 years training and clinical experience, Brian’s background is in orthopaedic surgery.
Brian’s first invention was ‘TightRope’, a novel medical device used in the operative treatment of broken ankles. Since 2004, it has been implanted in over 150,000 patients and commands 20% market share and annual sales of c. $20m.
X-Bolt Orthopaedics “the Hip Fracture Fixation Company” have developed strong, safe and reliable devices for osteoporotic hip fractures that commonly occur in frail elderly patients; using the patented X-Bolt® (expanding bolt) component common across the portfolio. The EU patent has already been granted and it is pending in the US at present. There are already 200+ cases of successful clinical usage in the UK and Ireland. Hip fractures account for 20-30% of all trauma orthopaedic bed occupancy with some 2,500 hip fractures per year in Ireland. Fixation failure occurs in approximately 5% of cases, which leads to repeat surgery and more than doubling of morbidity and costs. X-Bolt plans to overcome this through faster surgery, reducing complications and shortening average bed stay.

Year: 2015
Category: Emerging
Sector: Health


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