Ben Harris


As an industrial designer and graduate of London’s Brunel University, Ben first made his mark at Leckey, a global leader in postural management products, moving on to establish Dublin product design consultancy – White Zebra Studios.

Drop’s products and content platform make the promise of the smart kitchen a reality. The first product – Drop Scale – is a smart kitchen scale that wirelessly connects to your iPad/iPhone. The recipe app then leads chefs intuitively, step-by-step, through finding, making and sharing delicious food. It features a growing mix of classic and creative recipes, including collaborations with Good Housekeeping, Food52, and established food bloggers. Together, the smart scale and recipe App offer features such as; rescaling quantities, common substitutions and handy photo and video tips, all with just a tap.

The Drop scale was launched to the public in February 2014 at ‘Launch Festival’ in San Francisco and won “Best Consumer Product”. In November 2014 the smart kitchen scale went on sale in every Apple Store in America, Canada and the UK and has since expanded to Target in the US, Harrods in the UK and Apple stores in Australia and New Zealand. The fast growing team are based between their headquarters in Dublin 8 and satellite office in San Francisco.

Year: 2015
Category: Emerging
Sector: Other


Email: info@getdrop.com

Twitter:   @dropkitchen    @beninjamharris